Paper Abstract



Allows you to kill germs and viruses

  • Germicidal, anti-viral product which emits ultraviolet light in the UVc spectrum, where germs and viruses are killed.

  • Special mode has increased efficacy as compared to devices which do not have this feature, when used against bacteria.1  (Patent pending)

  • The special mode of TORCH UVc may be enabled or disabled as desired by the user. If disabled, the product emits a continuous output of UVc.

  • Decontaminates germs and viruses by waving it over items from a close distance.2 

  • Uses: masks, phones, keyboards, surfaces3

  • The product is designed with solid state LEDs and is not tube based, for long life.

  • A very bright flashing white LED light alerts the user that the product is turned on and is dangerous.4 We think that this feature is more effective than the soft purple glow that many UVc devices emit. The flashing white LED light actively discourages users from looking into the UVc output. It also casts shadows, showing where the UVc will not be effective. (Patent pending)

1. Further research is needed to substantiate increased mortality in viruses versus continuous UVc. The cited research shows up to 1.2 log (1200%) improvement in efficacy in selected germicidal applications. Because of the rapidly evolving research, we can not guarantee the effectiveness of this feature for any particular germ or virus.

2. Effective kill rates are subject to type of surface or fabric, the effect of shadowing, and the requirement for total dose of UVc radiation, which is a function of field strength over time and is normally measured in millijoules.

3. Correct usage requires an effective dose, which is a function of field strength over time. Research is rapidly evolving.

4. WARNING: This product is dangerous if exposed to eyes or skin.