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It is very fulfilling to come up with a solution that I can apply that’s staring me in the face. And it says this is something worthy and valid and needs to be put into a product.”


Thin Air Energy Founder and CEO

James Wiebe has been developing products for over 40 years, starting in college where he developed a computer product and sold it for a profit. Next came Newer Technology, selling 200,000 Macintosh accelerator cards while competing against Apple. The next company was WiebeTech. “We listened to the customer and changed the world of computer forensic investigations.” Next came Belite and Chipper Aerospace which was destroyed by a business ending fire in 2019.


This gave James the opportunity to find what comes next. He went camping and was looking for products to charge electronics. He couldn't find lightweight, usable, great energy storage products that would enhance his experience in the wilderness, so he created his own.


With that spark, Thin Air Energy was born. 


CEO of Central Digital Technology (~1978)

A dorm room effort

  • Along with a good friend, designed and delivered a 16 port RS-232 concentrater for a Harris Slash Seven mainframe. Contract was completed in about 120 days.

CEO of Newer Technology  (1983 through 90's)

  • First to market worldwide with high density memory modules.

  • First to compete against Apple with G3 PowerPC's. Beat Apple to market.

  • Grew to +$60 million profitable revenue.

  • Legacy trademark continues to this day.

CEO of WiebeTech. (2000 - 2008)

  • Created and grew storage product line for computers.

  • Recognized the opportunity for and created proprietary forensic hardware solutions.

  • Received a critical patent for USB forensic technology.

  • Profitable high margin business was successfully sold to CRU Acquisitions Group and continues innovating to this day.

CEO of Belite Enterprises (2009 - 2019)

An aircraft company.

  • Designed five aircraft.

  • Recognized as "August Raspet" award winner for contributions to experimental aircraft. Sadly, business destroyed by fire in June of 2019.

  • Appeared and starred in an episode of Mythbusters, "Duct Tape Airplane".

Consultant to CRU (now 2009 to 2016

  • Focus on business development and technology for forensic products.

  • One on one contact with numerous federal agencies, such as FBI, CIA, IRSCI, ATF.

CEO of Radiant Technology (Continuing)

CEO of Thin Air Energy LLC, founded in early 2020.

  • Innovation in Energy Storage via proprietary GraphCap Intellectual Property

  • Product development is focused on GraphCaps, LEDs, Solar.

  • Target markets include emergency, anti-viral, camping, professional, harsh environment.

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