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Scientifically designed for improved effectiveness

  • Allows users to easily measure the field strength of UVc radiation. Measures the field strength of only UVc, ignoring UVa and UVb (which are commonly used in tanning salons and resin curing lights, and also potentially in fake UVc devices).  Also is very resistant to visible light as well.  Sensitive from 0.4 microwatts per square centimeter up to 0.4 milliwatts per square centimeter.

  • Aural alarm when human safety maximum exposure level is reached.  Also indicates dose steps from 3 millijoules (maximum human safe daily dose) to 500 millijoules, useful for the analysis of different dose values in germicidal and anti-viral applications.

  • Size of a key fob.

  • Battery powered, works for up to 24 hours.

Geiger UVc Pro_callouts.jpg

A history of scientific research has shown the efficacy of UVc radiation in germicidal and anti-viral applications.  The effectiveness is determined by field strength and consequent dose levels of UVc. GEIGER UVc is designed to show field strength, and to show when significant dose levels are realized.

In practical application, if the user waves a UVc wand over GEIGER, it will instantaneously show the field strength via an LED array. Over time, it also shows the dosing level with LED and aural alarms.

If the user waves a fake UVc wand over GEIGER, the field strength display will not budge off of zero.  GEIGER also shows that many objects, such as ordinary polycarbonate glass lenses, do not pass UVc radiation.

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