Making Coffee


“Smells” Coffee freshness

Consumers ask: When is coffee aroma the best? What has the freshest taste? If you are buying a bag of ground coffee, is it possible to judge just what has been purchased? While experts agree that fresh ground coffee is the best (and especially necessary for espresso), no real tool exists to measure the freshness of coffee.

Into this void step GEIGER Coffee. It answers the question and provides definitive insight into freshness. 

GEIGER Coffee is a keyfob-sized sensor which provides direct insight to the freshness of ground coffee. Using a novel technology developed by Thin Air Energy, GEIGER Coffee provides a visual display as to how fresh the grinds are, using an easy-to-read LED scale, from green (fresh) to red (stale). 

To help understand freshness of coffee, we created the "Coffee Jo™" rating.  It provides an easy- to-understand scale of 1 to 10+ for your coffee grind freshness. If you score 8 or higher, your coffee is fresh.  4 through 7, beware. 1 through 3, consider discarding and grinding anew.

Easy to use, GEIGER Coffee is placed on top of a scoop of ground coffee. Within a minute, this novel device determines the freshness of the grinds and presents the result. It does this by smelling and judging the aromatic mix of compounds emitted by the coffee, which reduce over time. For coffee, the aging clock starts when the beans are roasted, continues through grinding and then storage on the shelf, whether at the retailer or in a consumer’s home.


A visual display shows how fresh the grinds are, using an easy-to-read LED scale

GEIGER Coffee_clip.png