Measures Harmful Blue Light from Screens and Blocker Lenses

Many people wonder, "Is blue light bad for your eyes?" Blue light has been described as harmful, to the point where most portable devices have a 'Night Shift' mode which cuts the amount of blue spectra emitted by the screen.


Blue blocking in prescription glasses is also a common feature. But do blue light blocking glasses work? Until now, it's been hard to quantify the amount of blue light which is reduced by the use of Night Shift and blue blocker glasses.  GEIGER Blu allows anyone to see and quantify the relative amount of blue (and UVa and UVb radiation) emitted by any device.  

Place GEIGER Blu on the screen of your phone -- you can play with with various screen settings and see just how much blue light blocking is actually happening.


Or, place an eyeglass lens between the screen and GEIGER Blu, and it will show the reduction caused by the lens.  Do your eyeglasses do what you expect?  GEIGER Blu will help you figure it out.  Optometrists can use GEIGER Blu to demonstrate efficacy of various lens types.


It is surprising that there is no handy sensor that will tell you how much potentially harmful blue radiation is being emitted by your phone. You can see the essence of the screen change when you move the less warm / more warm slider bar, but what's really happening? 


That's why GEIGER Blu exists.

Geiger Blue on Black.jpg
GEIGER Blu on wood Hi